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Rock Legends

Aboriginal Dreaming - Rock Legends - Mutidjula

Mutidjula - Maggie Springs

In a ravine above is the sacred place of the water python, home of the sacred but not secret serpent of Uluru. Should the Uluritidja people come to Uluru and find Mutidjula empty, they will stand in the dry hole and lure the serpent from his resting place with the cry of "Kuka, Kuka, Kuka" (meat, meat, meat).

As it moves, the serpent disgorges from within itself the water which flows down to the thirsty people below. The serpent grieves for any injustice done to its people and bends its head in grief, tilting the main rock hole in which it lived to form a wooden carrying dish, causing the water to flow down the mountain ravine.

The pink wall on the eastern side is the flames of the camp fire out of which the Kuniya Woman, Pulari stepped to join the fight against the Liru. The grey stain is the white ochre from her body.mutidjula

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