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Rock Legends

The Dreaming - Aboriginal Rock Legends - Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta - The Olgas

The Largest of the monolith is the home of Wanambi, the snake, with long teeth, a mane and a long beard, during the dry season he lives in a waterhole in the gorge where his breath forms a constant wind.Some of the domes are Pungalunga men, giants who fed on Aboriginies.

Finally only one Pungalunga remained and two hunters decided to kill him after he had eaten their wives. While one acted as a decoy, the other crept behind the Pungalunga and speared him in the back. The Pungulunga finally died in Kuniula Cave near Mulara Springs.

Other monoliths are the camps of the curlew men and mice women. A pillar on the eastern side is the kangaroo man Malu dying in the arms of his sister Mulumara, a lizard woman. Kata Tjuta means "place of many domes".



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