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Rock Legends

Aboriginal Dreaming - Rock Legends - Djudajabbi

Djudajabbi - Cave of the Women

A party of hare-wallabies, the Mala, travelled to Uluru for initiation ceremonies and the women and children set up their own camp. They gathered berries and other food while the ceremonies were being held. The mulga seed men, the Wintalyka, sent their messenger, the bellbird, Panpanpanala with an invitation to a ceremony, but the Mala people declined and sent back a discourteous reply.

Djudajabb Seeking revenge , the sorcerers of the mulga seed created Kurpannga, the giant spirit dingo, and sent him to the rock with the urge to kill strangers.

All the Mala people were asleep when Kurpannga approached their camp, but Lunba, the old kingfisher woman, gave the alarm and all the Mala escaped except two killed by Kurpannga.

Boulders before the cave represent the sleeping Mala women and holes in the cliff face were made by their digging sticks. Lunba lived in acave 60 metres upthe cliff now known as "The Brain".

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