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Rock Legends

Aboriginal Dreaming - Dreamtime Rock Legends

At the close of the Tjukurpa period - the time of creation when heroes carried out their mighty deeds - a big, flat sandhill turned to stone and became Uluru.

The carpet-snake people, the Kuniya, made their camp here, but Liru, venomous snake men, led by the great warrior Kulikudgeri, attacked the camp. A powerful Kuniya woman, Pulari, wishing to protect her newly born child, spat out the essence of death and killed many Liru.

Mkulikudgeri slew a young warrior who challenged him to a fight to the death, but the youth's mother struck Kulikudgeri a blow on the nose with her digging stick and he died in agony.

Geographical features of the Rock now mark these activities. Potholes are marks of the Liru spear, a large boulder was once the body of Pulari, KuliKudgeri became a boulder with his nose the entrance to Maggie Springs.The warrier he killed crawled away and his track became a water course.uluru

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