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The Dreaming Introduction

The Dreamtime - Aboriginal Dreaming Introduction

The Dreaming tells of the journey and the actions of Ancestral Beings who created the natural world.

The Dreaming is infinite and links the past with the present to determine the future. It is the natural world, especially the land or county to which a person belongs, which provides the link between the people and The Dreaming.

Aboriginal Dreaming - The DreamtimeDreaming stories carry the truth from the past, together with the code for the Law, which operates in the present. Each story belongs to a long complex story. Some Dreaming stories discuss consequences and our future being.

When a story is a component of an Aboriginal Dreaming story and is told outside of the country it belongs to, then it is respected as an Aboriginal Dreaming Story from that area, however within its country it remains a significant, sacred Dreaming story. It is important to give recognition of the origins of the Dreaming Story.

Stories not acknowledged in books should be questioned for their authenticity.Some stories recorded by non-Aboriginal people over the years have lost their full translations. In some early books crude reproductions of stories were attempted to be transcribed. Some of these contained information dealing with sacred cultural practises. If in doubt seek advice from local Aboriginal people when relevant to them.

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