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The Dreaming

Aboriginal Dreaming - The Dreamtime Origins

Dreaming stories give meaning to human life. Aboriginal people attribute their origins and occupation of Australia to their ancestors and spirit beings of their particular family groups, distinct to a particular area of land.

These stories translate theories of occupation to their close relationship with the land. This has often been expressed by Aboriginal people when describing the land as my Mother. It is believed by many Aboriginal people that the same spirits who created the land, sea, waterways and life in general are involved in the conception and birth of a child. Hence today a direct link to Ancestral Beings and live continues.

Aboriginal Dreaming or The Dreamtime has its origins that lead to the cradle of human civilisationAustralian story was first told by Aboriginal people. It was spoken, sung, danced, painted and carved. Some Dreaming stories explain the origins of human life on Earth. Often these have been called Creation stories as they are concerned with the creation of human beings and of life in general.

Most Aboriginal people believe that they came from the land. Ancestral Beings who created the land, seas, waterways, people, flora and fauna are known by different names depending on the local language group. These Ancestral Beings should be regarded with respect as their actions provide the knowledge and understanding that guide rules for living; treating other people in a socially responsible manner, managing resources and ecologically sustainable environmental practice and religious and cultural ceremonies.

These Ancestral Beings are found in rock formations, animals, plant life, waterways and seas. A constant reminder of creation and the spirits of the Ancestors. Most Aboriginal Dreaming or Creation stories show that Aboriginal people have always been in Australia and came from the land itself. Some researchers have suggested that Australia could have been the cradle of civilisation. This supports these Aboriginal dreaming stories. This belief has been supported by scientific evidence, as well as by many creation stories, of Aboriginal groups across Australia.

The oldest human remains found here, in Lake Mungo, South Australia, are dated as almost 40 000 years old.FireEvidence of charcoal remains near Canberra suggests that firestick farming (or intentional burning of the bush) was used there between 80 000 and 100 000 years ago. As a result of invasion, much of the remains and evidence of occupation of Aboriginal people in Australia has been destroyed or removed from the area where it has been found.

In 1996 a new theory emerged to support the view that Australian Aborigines were the first people in the world. It describes the theory that migration of people to other countries was from Australia.

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