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Social Commitments

Aboriginal Social Commitments

Anything that is done within the language group would be done for the benefit of the language group.

Hunting, fishing and gathering of foods occurs in groups, and the food is shared between all members of the language group. Food laws associated with the Dreaming law within the clan group and totems would determine the order in which people ate and the types of food they ate.

Aboriginal social commitmentsIndividual behaviour that was destructive to the organisation of the language group would be dealt with by significant members , usually Elders, within the language group. This would be known throughout the whole language group in order to ensure that the behaviour was not repeated by other individuals.

Complex social structures existed between language groups of different language areas/boundaries and also within language groups. This complex organisational structure ensured the wellbeing of Aboriginal people (through good relationships), the physical well being of Aboriginal people (through a structures access to natural resources) and the spiritual well being of Aboriginal people (through maintaining connections with The Dreaming and it's laws and ancestral spirits)

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