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Modern Aboriginal Language

Modern Aboriginal Language

Aboriginal language translation
Aboriginal language translations

When people who speak very different languages come into contact the result is a mixture of these languages. This I called pidgin as it has a very simple grammar and vocabulary. A mixture of English and Aboriginal Languages has developed in Australia. Over time this has created a new language. This language has developed with a larger vocabulary and grammatical rules.

This language is called Creole (or Kriol, as spelled in the north of Australia). Creole is broadcast on radio programs, recorded as a form, recorded as a form of oral history and issued and taught in courses for Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people. Creole is spoken by many as an addition to their own languages in order to communicate with people from other language groups.

Aboriginal English

When English is spoken by Aboriginal people it is often spoken in an Aboriginal way. Often there are things within Aboriginal communities and families that cannot be explained adequately in English. A distinct type of speech has developed and is an enrichment of the English Language.

In some areas Aboriginal English is viewed as a particular type of language with a set of rules for speech. There are varying types of Aboriginal English used all over Australia due to the many different Aboriginal languages that they have been built on.

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