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Language Introduction

Aboriginal Language Introduction

Aboriginal language translations
Aboriginal language translations
Aboriginal languages are made up of complex vocabulary and grammar.

The translation and spelling of the recorded has often been wrong due to the vast differences between Aboriginal language use and the use of the English language. Other language names have been recorded in various ways.

There are a few distinctions between the sound of some letters in Aboriginal words. Some words from different language groups could mean totally different things. Different situations make different words. For example the words for "we" and "you" would change depending on the number of people being discussed. The complex structures of kin and family relationships is emphasised by the way people are categorised in language.

Language changes have various forms for special purposes including sound that may not normally be used in everyday life. This type of language will be used during ceremonies, when talking to relatives and when discussing sacred matters. Ultimately the various forms of language depending on age and status becomes a form of social control.

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