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Introduction to the Land

Aboriginal Land - An Introduction

Recorded in the countryside around us, Aborigines can see all the evidence of the creative events of The Dreaming.

Dreamtime stories which talk about the Ancestors and Creation of the land give significance to all aspects of the landscape. Aboriginal descendants of particular Ancestral Beings have a very special relationship with the features of the countryside associated with the Ancestor.

WhaleAborigines then are inseparably related to the land. The spiritual link between the person and his/her Ancestor through the land and animal species means that his/her link with a particular area of land cannot be taken away or transferred to somewhere else.

Compared with non-Aboriginal Australian attitudes to land it is for Aboriginal people something which cannot be bought or sold - Land is a source of his or her identity. This is the religious significance of land, but land also provided the group with its livelihood or means of living.

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