Aboriginal Rugby League Rejected Without Dialogue

The chairman/CEO of the new Nations Aboriginal Rugby League, Michael Anderson, says he's absolutely astonished that the Australian Rugby League and the NSW Country Rugby League have dismissed the proposed competition "without any real and meaningful dialogue with us".

Anderson asks in a media statement whether clubs are being closed down because most of their players are Aborigines. The statement follows below:

\Goodooga NSW.

I am absolutely astonished at the reaction of the ARL and the NSW Country Rugby League

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Murijuga PetroglyphsMurijuga Petroglyphs

Murijuga is the Aboriginal word for the site of the biggest collection of rock carvings in the world. Marijuana is on the Burrup peninsular in the north of West Australia. Murijuga is so special that it should be named next to the great pyramids or Stonehenge. In fact it is six times older than the former and eight times older than the latter. This is the oldest

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