Redfern program helps Indigenous Youths get ahead

(Cited ABC Online Indigenous News - Saturday 4th April)

Koori Job Ready is a program set up in inner city Sydney to train young Indigenous people to work in the construction industry.
Since its inception the program has achieved a high success rate in getting young Aborigines work as builders. Trainees come from all over New South Wales and many have had it tough growing up. Many say the program saved them from a life of drugs, alcohol and crime. Many of the participants come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Koori Job Ready has been running since 2007. Since then more than 80 per cent of its graduates have found work - most in the building industry. Participants graduate not only with skills in construction but also knowledge of occupational health and safety, industrial relations and first aid. The program's project manager Rohan Tobler says approximately 50 people apply for each course they run.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's "Sorry" Speech - 12 February 2008

On Tuesday 12 February 2008, newly elected Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's historic Aboriginal "apology" motion was tabled in Parliament

This is the official transcript of that historic speech.

"Today we honour the Indigenous peoples of this land, the oldest continuing cultures in human history.

Aboriginies The "First" Americans?

Australian Aborigines 'first' Americans.

Courier Mail - Wednesday, April 13th, 1996.

SYDNEY: The first Americans were actually Australians, according to the latest anthropological research.

Neither Columbus, the Vikings nor American Indians discovered America - the Australian Aboriginies did, a report in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald said.

Research conducted by Brazilian and US scholars showed that

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