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History of the flag

The History of the Aboriginal Flag

The Aboriginal flag - a symbol of Aboriginal pride and historyHarold ThomasThe Aboriginal flag was designed by Harold Thomas in 1971. It is divided into two equal halves. The top is black, the bottom is red and there and there is a yellow circle in the centre. The black half symbolises Aboriginal people past, present and future. The yellow circle is the sun, the giver and renewer of life. The red half of the flag is the earth. It also represents red ochre symbolising spiritual attachment to the land.It is was 30th anniversary in 2001.

The flag was first flown at Victoria Square in Adelaide on National Aboriginies day July 12th 1971, it was used later at the Tent Embassy in Canberra in 1972, when Aboriginal people were seeking national justice, including land rights, education, legal rights and health. Today the flag is used by all Aboriginal groups and is flown at Aboriginal centres all over Australia.


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