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Aboriginal Feasts & Gatherings

Aboriginal Feasts And Gatherings

FeastOften particular ceremonies are held involving Aboriginal people from different language groups.

People bring gifts to the feast and special objects or raw materials for trade.

 One well documented ceremony was the Bunya Feast held in the Bunya Mountains (Sunshine Coast, QLD). Here many representatives from different groups met to discuss important issues relating to the environment and the law of The Dreaming.

DanceThe finest foods, bush animals, plants, berries are prepared. Many bunya nuts are consumed at the Bunya feast as they are full of protein and in great supply during the season the feast was held.

After feasts, meetings occur involving significant members of the language group. Elders meet and discuss law consequences of law to ensure the survival of The Dreaming. Aborigines also meet socially with songs and dances to celebrate daily activities and events.

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