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Corroborees & Ceremonies

Aboriginal Corroborees & Ceremonies

The word corroboree was first used by early European invaders to describe Aboriginal ceremonies that involved singing and dancing. Corroboree was the English version of the Aboriginal word Caribberie.

Corroborees & Ceremonies Not all songs and dances were sacred, like those taught in initiation ceremonies. Everyone watched and performed the songs and dances and played the instruments from a young age. Songs and dances performed during the ceremonies passed on information about The Dreaming.

In some dances all participated, however others were reserved for a small few due to the sacred nature of dance. There are some women's and men's dances and songs and those used by both men and women.

As a part of these dances members of the language would paint particular designs on their bodies to indicate the type of ceremony being held and the language group and family group performing. Special costumes were worn and special instruments were used.

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